ZetaClear Review: A Home Anti-Fungal Treatment That Naturally And Quickly Stops Nail Fungus

What makes ZetaClear one of the best over-the-counter toenail fungus treatment…

ZetaClear yellow Toenail fungus treatment over the counter cureZetaClear is out of the ordinary due to its special combination of effective ingredients:

  1. This FDA approved solution topically enters the skin around the nail and stops the root cause of the fungal issues by preventing the production of fungus cells even before they can become a problem!
  2. Using Undecylenic Acid (10%) as one of its main active ingredients, ZetaClear has been scientifically shown to be nearly 6 times more effective than any other anti-fungal solutions on the market today!
  3. The inhibition of fungus cells growth starts directly from the first application and, even when the problem is finally solved after only a few weeks of usage, the continuous application of the product will still help maintain healthy toenails (and overall nails) and prevent fungus infections from coming back!

ZetaClear is a completely natural, safe and painless formula!

If you are trying to avoid paying for or just experiencing a complicated and painful toenail operation…

…then you no longer have to look, because the solution to your problem is right here and is so easy to use!

It even comes with a little brush to help you cover the wholeness of the infected area.

Make sure you not only cover the nails, but also its surroundings so that it can enter the root of the skin and put its powerful anti-fungal properties to the work!

Yellow nail fungus treatment over the counter cure

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How To Use It to Treat Nail Fungus

There are actually 2 types of ZetaClear products: the homeopathic oral spray and the topical liquid.

Oral Spray

It is recommended to spray the solution two times under the tongue and repeat this process for a maximum of three times a day for best results.

Keep doing this daily until you notice the desired results. Then, you can diminish the use of the spray to maintain the antifungal properties.

Disclaimer: Not to be used for children under the age of 12 years old. If that’s the case, please consult a physician before using anything. 

Topical Liquid

Fortunately, the topical liquid comes with a small brush to faciliate its application.

It is recommended to use this solution by dipping the brush in the liquid and gently pass the brush three times on the infected area and repeat this process three times a day.

To be safer and obtain the best results possible, consider washing the brush after each daily usage.

In fact, after using the brush and passing it on the nail fungus, some microbes might get attached to it. So, by dipping it back directly into the solution, these microbes might get mixed with the liquid and, thus, contaminating it.

Therefore, after each use, clean the brush correctly by simply washing it with tap water daily.

If you do not want to keep washing the brush every single day, there is a very easy alternative for you. Just dip Q-tips inside the solution for every use instead of the brush. When done, throw the Q-tips in the garbage to use another one the next day.

Amazingly Fast to Apply on the Nail (Only a Few Seconds)!

fast treatment application results reviewsYou don’t even have to impatiently wait for it to dry, because it dries super fast!

Just apply the liquid treatment on the affected areas, let it dry and continue right on with your day!

You see? All it took was a few seconds of application and the treatment has entered the root of the problem to kill the fungus cells for you while you do absolutely nothing!

I know you do not have the time to keep worrying about your nails.

It’s simple, ZetaClear is the combination of all you need!

Not only does it kill nail fungus, but it also…

  • Helps clear yellow keratin derbis
  • Can easily be applied with its accompanied brush
  • Is 100% natural, safe and effective
  • Shows results in a matter of weeks!
  • Contains NO side effects

ZetaClear’s Ingredients

The following ingredients are what really makes this topical solution one of the best toenail fungus treatment out today. The oral spray and the topical liquid contain and different combination of ingredients shown to be effective against fungal infections.

Oral Spray’s Homeopathic Ingredients

  1. Antimonium Curdum: Antimonium Curdum helps in stopping the discoloration and diminishes the itchiness and sensitivity around the affected nails.
  2. Mancinella: This ingredient helps Antimonium in optimizing the decrease of the discoloration of the nails (including redness). It can also diminish the drainage of tissues.
  3. Nitricum Acidum: This important component is helpful in reducing soreness and pain. Also, it can reduce the sweating in hands and feet which, if you read my page on the causes of nail fungus, is one of the MAIN reasons for the production of fungal cell leading to fungal infections.
  4. Sulphur: Sulphur is a great mineral packed with antisepctic properties that kill fungal cells, thus promoting healthy nail, helps against the itchiness of the skin and can improve the health of the immune system.
  5. Thuja Occidentalis: Thuja Occidentalis is shown to be effective in relieving chronic infections including skin and nail infections.
  6. Arsenicum Album: Again, this ingredient helps minimizing discoloration, but it is also used to treat any skin related conditions through the entire body.

In addition to these ingredients, the oral spray contains Purified Water and Alcohol (20%). The alcohol isused to diluate the liquid and is totally safe if used at the recommended dose (maximum of two sprays under the tongue three times a day).

IMPORTANT: Not to be used by children, people with liver diseases and people with a history of chemical sensitivity. If you are one of these people, consult your doctor before considering using this product. To be sure, consult your doctor even if you do not have any diseases. Please do not exceed the recommended daily amount and go see a poison control center or the emergency if it is accidentally exceeded.

Topical Liquid’s Ingredients

  1. Undecylenic acid: This ingredient is derived from castor oil and can stop fungal infections due to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.
  2. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and antibiotic ingredient shown to be very helpful against skin infections including fungus.
  3. Lemongrass Oil: Lemongrass oil improves the healing of the skin and nails by increase the blood circulation to the infected areas.
  4. Jojoba Oil: The presence of this ingredient makes it easier for the solution to enter the skin surrounding the nail more in depth as it is absorbable. It is also packed with antioxidants.
  5. Clove Oil: Clove oil is mostly known for its ability to relieve infections.
  6. Almond Oil: By penetrating into the tissues, it carries the other ingredients with it and works with its healing properties and circulation enhancement.
  7. Lavender Oil: Lavender oil has been shown to increase circulation, relieve inflammations and heal the skin.
  8. Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E moisturizes the skin (which has become dry due to fungus) and is rich with very nourish antioxidants.

The products are safe to use!

I understand that this product might be new to you and that you might be a little skeptical of whether to get it or not, but I can’t see why not!

It’s safe to use if you are older than 12 years old (nail fungus mostly occurs to adults anyway, so there is little to no chance that a person that is 12 years old or younger might need it).

To use it for children younger than 12 years old, please consult a doctor prior to purchasing the solution.

Of course, it is safe if used at the recommended daily amount (especially for the oral spray). Please make sure that you do NOT exceed the maximum recommended quantity of daily use as explained in the above section on the Oral Spray Ingredients. If accidentally used a higher dosage than the maximum recommended, consult a poison control center or a medical expert to be sure that you do not suffer from internal health issues.

If used adequately, there should be NO problem and, in the contrary, improvement in the health and the beauty of your nails!

There is absolutely no worries about the Topical Solution as it contains a combination of clinically tested ingredients shown to stop the production of fungal cells. (I personally find it more convenient to use the Topical Solution over the Oral Spray.)

The Topical Liquid obviously must not make contact with your mouth and neither of the two products should reach the eyes. Stay safe and if any of these happen, go to a poison control center immedietaly.

NO side effects will be experienced. All you have to do is read the instructions on the box of the product and do what is said for best results! Nothing more!

==> Check out ZetaClear’s terms and conditions in their website to find out more about its safety guidelines!

But how much does ZetaClear actually cost?

As surprising as it may sound, this amazing treatment, with all of its wonders, is not even that costy!

Check out the following offers:

  • 1 Month Supply (Test Plan): Only $49.95
  • 3 Month Supply (Buy 2 And Get 1 For FREE Offer): Total of $99.90 with FREE Shipping
  • 5 Month Supply (Buy 3 And Get 2 For FREE Offer): Total of $149.95 with FREE Shipping

You save $49.95 by choosing the 3 Month Supply Offer and $99.90 by choosing the 5 Month Supply Offer. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Zetaclear price cost get rid of toenail fungus fast treatment

ZetaClear cost priceJust imagine all the time, money, stress and effort you would be saving by simply getting yourself one of this great over-the-counter fungus treatment at this price!

You would be absolutely right if you think that it is completely worth it! No more:

  • Need for any “nail operation”
  • Fear of showing off your beautiful feet
  • Wasting time with ineffective treatments
  • Even worrying about your nails at all!

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Not satisfied? Take advantage of its 100% money back guarantee!

100% satisfaction guarantee ZetaClear over the counter treatmentIf you’re not satisfied with the results after a few weeks of usage, the company will send you your money back right away!

Yes, ZetaClear is that confident to work and that is why it even has a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

So, at this point, you really have nothing to lose by trying it out! Only beautiful feet to gain!

If, for some unusual reason, either of the Zetaclear Solutions don’t work for you, just reach back to the company and they’ll refund you the price of the product.

It’s like you get to try it for FREE, because you get your money back if you aren’t happy!

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Examples of ZetaClear Users’ Opinions On The Product…

“I have been embarrassed with my nail fungus for so many years and now after using your product I have my confidence back. Your Zetaclear product is the best.”Sarah, UK

“Zetaclear is excellent in helping get rid of my nail fungus. I live by the beach and am back in my favorite flip flops!” – Marcus, US

“This is a wonderful product and the only product that worked for my nail fungus. Next time its in stock, im going to order in bulk. LOL” – Jennifer, US

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*Please note that results may differ depending on the person and its internal issues.

Treat Your Toenail Fungus As Soon As Possible!

If you do not take action in saving your nails from fungus infections, it might eventually be too late!

Stop wasting your time worrying on what to do and how to treat this problem…

…or else it’ll just keep getting worse and worse! The worse it gets, the harder it will be to fix it.

ZetaClear review over the counter nails toenail fungus treatment Don’t Let Your Nails Get Like This Or Even Worse! Get Your ZetaClear Treatment Here!

Waiting won’t help you at anything. So, if you think wasting time won’t change anything, you’re completely wrong!

Start treating it today with the best over-the-counter toenail fungus treatment there is!

ZetaClear’s Health Care History

ZetaClear is a professional and trusted brand. This company has been around in the Health & Beauty industry since 2002!

There’s a reason why they are still active today; their products have a history of satisfied customers and health problem solving.

Believe me, if their health solutions weren’t that effective, they would have been out of business a LONG time ago!

They always make sure to stay aware of the latest breakthroughs in nutritional and health science to provide their customers with products containing quality and proven ingredients for optimal health benifits. They value their customers and produce valuable solutions!

Final Rating: 4 Stars Out of 5